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Olivia Jeffers

Guest Teacher

Olivia views yoga and life as a sweet play between power and surrender. She blends powerful, energetic flows with postures for surrender and deep release. Olivia helps students find their edge, hold their core and rest deeply. Core work is threaded throughout to foster a deep sense of inner integrity and integration.

Olivia began her yoga practice in 2012 in the hot yoga Bikram style in Charlottesville, Virginia. Over the years since, Olivia has practiced yoga in every city and country she has traveled to - and eventually found her yoga home in the DMV. With a focus on mind practice, Olivia has sat two 10-day Vipassana meditation retreats in the Goenka style. Olivia knows that mindfulness practice coupled with physical asana can take us deep into the complexity of our spirit, and focuses on nurturing and guiding students on their journeys inward.

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