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For me, yoga didn't always come naturally. I took my first class in 2012 and left feeling achy and not "zen" as others claimed. It wasn't until 2015 when I discovered my love for power yoga that I got hooked. The use of breath to calm the fluctuations of my mind as I move through an invigorating flow help guide me home. Home is the safe space where I feel authenticity, courage, and gratitude. It is this transformative power that I want others to witness for themselves. It's my goal as a teacher to create a safe and empowering environment for my students to explore. Whether you're a beginner or experienced yogi, I'm committed to meeting you where you are.

Yoga to me signifies a safe space to connect with ourselves and with others. I began my yoga practice nearly ten years ago, but took me many years to decide to complete my training and start teaching yoga. I consider myself a forever yoga student and it’s certainly a gift to be able to share yoga with others. I want everyone that comes in my room to feel at ease and to feel empowered. My yoga room is everyone’s yoga room and it’s ultimately a place where we learn and practice abilities that help us through life, such stillness, opening, strength, and surrender.

James started doing Tai Chi over thirty years ago in Hangzhou, China. He studied Tai Chi with teachers and masters in China, Thailand, and the United States. He was approved to teach Tai Chi in Changsha, China and the United States. He has been teaching actively in the metro DC area for five years.

April Njari was drawn to the practice of yoga after her first Bikram style class in her hometown of Joplin, MO almost 20 years ago. She deeply connected with the opportunity to engage her body in order to slow down and focus the mind. She enjoys incorporating elements of yoga nidra (deep focused relaxation), guided meditation, chanting and pranayama (breath work) into her classes. Her aim is to support her students in finding stillness and slowing down the pace of life for a while.

Chuck's enthusiasm for yoga stems from his interest in the human experience and in initiating positive behavior and attitudes to promote a healthy and balanced outlook. Since his introduction and training in power yoga, this fella has dabbled in other asana (pose based) practices, giving him exposure to varied sequences and approaches to familiar poses. Chuck enjoys chanting and studying the Yoga Sutras and other devotional sanskrit chants, along with his growing interest and exposure to Buddhist dharma.

As a therapist and student of Buddhist Psychology, I try to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into a high energy but calming practice. My hope is that my students will take the deeply powerful messages of yoga off the mat and into their lives to become the best version of themselves. My professional background includes more than three decades of work with First Responders. I will be bringing a specialized Yoga For First Responders curriculum to Northern Virginia in the very near future. Stay tuned!

Cathy has always had a passion for all things relating to the mind, body and spirit. She believes that happiness is our natural birthright and that yoga can act as a vehicle to this state of mind. Yoga is ultimately an unlearning process.When we practice, we start to unlearn all of our doubts, worries and concerns. Yoga empowers us to think big and live in possibility. Cathy completed her 200 hour yoga training in 2014 and is pursuing her 300 hour in Ayurveda. She has also completed a 600 hour comprehensive classical pilates training.

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