Marie Belle Pérez Rivera

Marie Belle Pérez Rivera, PhD, is an educator, artist, community leader, and practitioner of yoga and mindfulness. She currently resides in Washington, DC and travels and teaches yoga, mindfulness, and critical thinking throughout the United States, Caribbean, Latin America, Spain, and Bali. Marie Belle has focused much of her professional and academic career on the roles that psychology, culture, and empowerment play in health, resilience, quality of life, and emotional well-being. She considers herself an anthropologist of movement: delving deeply into the heart and roots of classical yoga and meditation practice while also keeping a panoramic perspective that includes academic research in science, astrology, nutrition, and personal experience.

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Marie Belle Teaches...

Full Body Flow

A Sunday morning classic. This practice and the community that formed around it is the reason I moved to DC. A full on flow incorporating all aspects of the practice: sun salutations, standing, balance, inversions, backbends, folds, and twists. All are encouraged to personalize their practice throughout as I offer a lot more options for exploration and creative expression. I always ask for requests and incorporate your needs into the practice. It's amazing and so is the playlist.

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