Louise Liebeskind

I discovered yoga as a college kid looking to manage stress and balance out my bookish lifestyle. Since then, it has seen me through all the joys and challenges of early adulthood: grad school, marriage, becoming a mother of twins. I did my teacher training with Down Dog yoga in Clarendon and have been teaching since May 2019. I teach a powerful, sweaty, vinyasa flow, linking breath with movement, body with mind. My goal is to both challenge and support every student, to make room for growth.

Louise Teaches...

Power Vinyasa

This 60-minute class consists of 53 poses (or asanas) linked together by breath. The 5 pillars of the Baptiste practice are: Drishti (gaze), Ujjayi (breath), Bandhas (extremities to centerline and core), Tapas (heat)*, and Vinyasa (flow). Vinyasa is the flow that occurs when we connect movement with breath. In the practice of power yoga each cycle of breath sets the tempo of movement and creates momentum. Momentum builds heat and cardiovascular health. Each pose, and the pose between each pose, occurs with an inhale or an exhale. There is fluidity in vinyasa that brings freedom to the body and a “moving meditation” that frees your mind. You will find that even in relative stillness, each moment of vinyasa has movement and holds opportunity for exploration. In vinyasa you will think less and be more, staying out of your head and letting your body and soul shine. Creativity and discovery await if you surrender, let go, and flow.

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