Kat Ellis

Hello!😊 I grew up in Northern VA & studied art and psychology at James Madison University. In college, I fell in love with teaching as I taught vinyasa at the recreation center. I am so blessed to have met such beautiful friends at JMU; we truly support, challenge, and encourage each other’s growth. Upon graduation, I left for Ubud, Bali, Indonesia to study yoga under the incredible teachers at Inner Yoga. This training served to integrate and expedite all of my previous self-study and practices. It was such a transformational experience. Since then, I’ve been traveling, making art, freelancing, teaching, and continuing to go deeper into and expand my sadhana - and what that looks like is constantly changing. Yin is such a powerful practice for me because it teaches me to become more sensitive. To be more aware of what is happening in my mind and body. To let all those whispers and feelings be heard. To allow and honor and respect everything to be exactly how it is. It teaches me to realize that what is true is direct experience, not a thought or label. It teaches me to slooooooow down. It teaches me to let go of all the resistance and tension we consciously or unconsciously hold on to. It teaches me that I don’t need to hold onto things. That life is already holding me. It teaches me to realize spaciousness. It teaches me deep presence. It teaches me to see through the eyes of the heart; that I am loving awareness. And when I can see this way, the judging mind with all it’s problems melt away. And when I do need to act, I can do so with clarity, efficiency, and grace - powered by love, not fear. Teaching is my passion, but I am always a student first. I currently, I live in Ocean Beach, San Diego, California. I’m so grateful to be able to teach for Karma Yoga virtually, even though I’m on the other side of the country. I would be honored to see your beautiful spirit in class! Sat nam ❤️ love all serve all.
Kat Teaches...

Yin Yoga

In this 60-minute yin yoga class, poses are held for 3-5 minutes in order to target connective tissue such as ligaments, tendons, bone, and fascia. As opposed to yang yoga – our power vinyasa and sculpt classes, which primarily work the muscle tissues. The yin practice begins where the yang practice ends – with a focus on stillness, surrender, and surfing the edge of comfort and discomfort. Both practices focus on breath, and bringing awareness into the body.You might be asking what style of yoga you need. The answer is both. At times when you have been still or inactive for long periods of time (i.e. sitting behind a desk at a computer) the benefits of a yang practice will be evident. And then when life has been a roller coaster and frantic, the benefits of yin become evident.

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