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Heather Feaster

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As a lifelong athlete I ran half marathons as an adult and 10 years ago after suffering from tight hamstrings I went to a hot yoga class to loosen up before a race. That was all it took, I was hooked. I never looked back and I've been practicing in a hot room ever since. I knew Yoga Teacher Training was on my list of things to do and four years ago after traveling to Bail for a business trip, learning about their culture and speaking with the people, I came home and signed up. Yoga keeps me honest and I love the way it offers you the ability to be where you are, with no judgement, yet the integrity to change at any moment. It’s a practice of patience and self-reflection every day. You can’t control the journey - you just enjoy the ride. It has changed my life. In every one of my classes you'll hear me talk about the books I read and always about self love. I believe that all love begins with self love, and when we learn to love ourselves, we love everything more abundantly. I hope to see you on the mat, very soon.
Heather completed her 200 Hour Teacher Training from Spark Yoga.

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