Dre Lamagna

A Long Island native, Andrea (better known as Dre) moved to Fairfax County after graduation from James Madison University with a degree in music education. She’s passionate about her job as an elementary music teacher and has always had a love for fitness. Dre was introduced to cycling in 2016 and discovered that fitness instruction combined her love for music, teaching, and fitness - her three favorite things! Nowadays, Dre stays busy by teaching online HIIT classes, practicing her ukulele, and riding her bike on the W&OD.
Dre Teaches...

Happy Hour

From Bill"Dear Karma Yoga Community,As you might know already, I am moving to Greenville, SC. I will be closer to family and my dad. So it feels bittersweet to be saying goodbye to my yoga family here. But I will most certainly be keeping in touch and visiting to practice and teach at Karma Yoga! Let me first say this, “You ROCK! and you ROLL, too!” We’ve all had to roll with the punches and come up stronger. And I am so proud to be a member of this community at Karma. Karma Yoga and Wellness is not a fairytale where everything is “just so”, or some corporate cookie cutter yoga studio chain or fitness center. Thank goodness for that! At Karma Yoga you don’t have to be perfect or get to class before the doors are locked. We practice from where we are, and who we are. There’s no pretense. No judging. I can remember my first of four trainings with Baron Baptiste. We worked in small groups of 8-10 yogis one afternoon, and each of us taught for 2 minute intervals. I was terrified. I had hardly begun as a yoga teacher. Baron kept shouting at us all “give up your concern for looking good!” And of course we all wanted to do well and yes, look good. But it's that very concern that robs us of truly connecting. I am so blessed to have found yoga. I remember when Dancing Mind collapsed- the sense that it was all over was very sad. I was coming back from my Fit to Lead training in Park City, UT to a closed studio. It was the only place I’d practiced and taught yoga and now it was gone. Integrity, the foundation of Baptiste Yoga, was all I needed though. Was I “fit to lead” in the real world? I don’t know? I was definitely leading from my heart and committed to making Karma Yoga and Wellness a reality! There was a lyric from a Peter Gabriel song that I felt very sure I was living out— “when you cross the river—you might get swept away!” But cross the river we ALL did. At each stage Olivia and family stayed committed and uncompromising in bringing their vision to life. and when we were "swept away" from time to time--community became our lifeboat. Let's stay connected! And always remember that we are stronger together and stronger than we think. Who would have thought Karma Yoga and Wellness would be voted the Best New Business in Falls Church for 2019. Thank you all! Keep Rockin’ and Rollin’, be a yes for growth with the mind of a beginner! I hope to see you in the next few weeks before I leave. Please, if you can, come to our Farewell Happy Hour and Karma Community Celebration at the 4-Ps in Falls Church after my last regular class on Friday, January 17, 2020. Thank all for being yourselves, supporting me, supporting Olivia, supporting Karma and it's amazing teachers, and for supporting each other! It’s what the world needs more of, right? A yoga that is loving and for everybody! The light in me sees and honors the light in each of you. Namaste. I love you all!"

HIIT Sculpt

This HIIT (high intensity interval training) class is a fast, fun, and full body workout packed into just 45 minutes. The quick intervals will include both cardio and strength training moves to maximize calorie burn!

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