Colleen Deasy

I first found yoga in 2012 when I was looking for a new physical challenge after having given up running due to injuries. I found a nearby studio offering a Sunday afternoon class which turned out to be heated, power, vinyasa (a Baptiste class). I knew immediately I had found the right challenge and a new home. The community and the practice itself were so much more than I anticipated, embracing me from that first moment.I also knew that I wanted to learn more about yoga in order to share the empowerment and release I found. I completed an Assistant Program to start and found assisting so rewarding, providing students ease and possibility in the poses, that I decided to take the next step into Teacher Training. I was certified in the Fall of 2013, immediately began teaching and have never looked back.

Yoga has taught me to fuel, feed, and restore myself and that we all need to care for ourselves so we can lead happy and productive lives, being kind to ourselves and of service to others. I learned that joy and fulfillment is my reward in teaching and assisting, passing along what I’ve learned and helping to open up new insight in others.

As a teacher I strive to build strength and confidence in each of my students while adding space for students to see themselves more clearly in a moment of quiet and contentment. It is in this quiet clear space, I have learned that everything and anything is possible. I am honored to be a yoga teacher and student and to share our practice together.

Colleen Teaches...

Power Vinyasa

This 60-minute class consists of 53 poses (or asanas) linked together by breath. The 5 pillars of the Baptiste practice are: Drishti (gaze), Ujjayi (breath), Bandhas (extremities to centerline and core), Tapas (heat)*, and Vinyasa (flow). Vinyasa is the flow that occurs when we connect movement with breath. In the practice of power yoga each cycle of breath sets the tempo of movement and creates momentum. Momentum builds heat and cardiovascular health. Each pose, and the pose between each pose, occurs with an inhale or an exhale. There is fluidity in vinyasa that brings freedom to the body and a “moving meditation” that frees your mind. You will find that even in relative stillness, each moment of vinyasa has movement and holds opportunity for exploration. In vinyasa you will think less and be more, staying out of your head and letting your body and soul shine. Creativity and discovery await if you surrender, let go, and flow.

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