Bill Abel

My bio here is not long and not unique. I have struggled, fallen, lost my way, and by the grace of God and support of others, found my way through a tough time. Finding yoga was a turning point. It allowed me to focus on myself and to begin again. The transformative practice called Journey into Power by Baron Baptiste captured and inspired me to become a yoga teacher whose ultimate reward is the service of helping others transform their lives. The impactful Baptiste Philosophy is built on the actions of Asana, Meditation and Inquiry and is accessible and relevant for all. I have also found that yoga practice and teaching requires a commitment to growth and to connecting with others. What I have come to realize is that struggle and freedom are universal human experiences (i.e. we are connected). This is why I’m here—to be a stand for human potential and to lead by lifting others up. Baptiste Methodology rests on the truth that physicality leads to empowerment which leads to possibilities (i.e.- results in every part of your life!). I am passionate about elevating the lives of others, through shared experience and disciplined practice.

Bill Teaches...

Vinyasa and Vibe

Enjoy 75-minutes of vinyasa flow with a spirited playlist; add extra celebration to the mix and practice of your Journey into Power! With a belief in music as the universal language consider it akin to the first Baptiste Principle of Teaching: Come from we are connected.This 75-minute class consists of 53 poses (or asanas) linked together by breath. The 5 pillars of the Baptiste practice are: Drishti (gaze), Ujjayi (breath), Bandhas (extremities to centerline and core), Tapas (heat)*, and Vinyasa (flow).

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