Anielka Azarian

Anielka began her yoga journey in 2012 and received her teaching certification in 2016. Her teaching approach is a combination of the various styles and philosophies that she has practiced over the years. Her style integrates the high-intensity flows of Baptiste Power Vinyasa, the playfulness of Rocket yoga, and the discipline taught by Ashtanga (Mysore) to create a mind-body experience that is as fun as it is spiritual. She believes that yoga goes beyond the asanas (postures) you perform in class; it is a lens that allows you to see the world and yourself from a new perspective. When breathing, movement, and meditation are brought into harmony, magic arises—the mind is silenced and the true self is liberated.
en español – Anielka comenzó a practicar yoga en 2012 y recibió su certificación de profesora en el 2016. En sus clases podrás notar la combinación de los varios estilos y filosofías que ha practicado a través de los años. Su práctica integra la intensidad de los flows de Baptiste Power Vinyasa, la dinámica de Rocket yoga, y la disciplina adquirida en Ashtanga (Mysore) para crear una experiencia de mente y cuerpo que es tan divertida como espiritual. Ella cree que yoga es más que las asanas (posturas) que se performan en la clase: es un lente que te permite mirar al mundo y a ti mismo desde una nueva perspectiva. Cuando respiración, movimiento y meditación son traídos en armonía se crea magia- la mente se silencia y el verdadero ser se libera.
Anielka Teaches...

Ashtanga Vinyasa

This 60-minute class is a guided vinyasa flow based on the Ashtanga primary series and philosophy. The class starts by warming up the body with sun salutations A and B and quickly progresses into a sequence of postures that will be held for 5 breaths each. The class is energetic and playful, and focuses on integrating breathing, bandhas, and drishti in each posture. The ultimate goal is to synchronize every movement to a breath in order to calm the mind.Modifications for both beginners and advanced students are provided throughout the class.

Ashtanga - Spanish Language

Esta clase de 60 minutos es guiada, y se basa en las posturas y filosofía de la primera serie de Ashtanga yoga. La clase comienza calentando el cuerpo con los saludos al sol A y B y progresa rápidamente a una secuencia de posturas que se sostendrán por 5 respiraciones. La clase es energética y divertida. Nos enfocaremos en la integración de la respiración, bandhas y drishti en cada postura. El objetivo es sincronizar movimiento con respiración para calmar la mente.Modificaciones para estudiantes nuevos y avanzados serán proporcionados durante toda la clase. English Speakers Welcome!

Power Vinyasa

Baptiste Power ‚ÄúVinyasa‚ÄĚ Yoga is the primary yoga practice at Karma Yoga. Created by Baron Baptiste after years of study and practice, a flow called Journey into Power (JIP) combines fitness and yoga and includes the best from the East and the West. Vinyasa is the flow that occurs when we connect movement with breath. In the practice of power yoga each cycle of breath sets the tempo of movement and creates momentum. Momentum builds heat and cardiovascular health. Each pose, and the pose between each pose, occurs with an inhale or an exhale. There is fluidity in vinyasa that brings freedom to the body and a ‚Äúmoving meditation‚ÄĚ that frees your mind. You will find that even in relative stillness, each moment of vinyasa has movement and holds opportunity for exploration. In vinyasa you will think less and be more, staying out of your head and letting your body and soul shine. Creativity and discovery await if you surrender, let go, and flow.

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