Alla Kravchenko

I've been practicing yoga since 2011. I generated such a passion for it that I felt obligated to share it with the world! I wanted others to experience the awakening. In 2014, I completed 200 hrs. of yoga teacher training program at Dancing Mind Yoga Studio in Falls Church, VA.

I started teaching in Fall 2014 and it was the love from the first sight. I get motivated by seeing students work hard and commit to the practice. I encourage students to listen to their bodies, connect movements to breathing and do what feels right in the moment.

Alla is hosting a yoga retreat this spring to Costa Rica, contact her for more information:

Alla Teaches...

Power Sculpt

This 60-minute class is a unique combination of power yoga, core training and cardio. It is an upbeat and challenging class designed to strengthen your yoga practice, keep your heart healthy and burn calories. The yoga postures typically taught in Power Sculpt are similar to a beginner-level class with the addition of weighted exercises. Power Sculpt targets every muscle group in the body to help you look great and feel your best.


Fast-paced classes designed to tone and sculpt.

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