Studio Stats

In the spirit of a local business, we want to reduce our prices and high quality services to the people that we share our community with. A mark of our success is affordable rates, great classes, well-paid teachers, and a well-kept studio. As such, we are pegging our membership rates to studio performance.

For our founding members before November 1st, monthly rates remain at $120/mo – with $90/5-pass and $170/10-pass

For our new members after November 1st, monthly rates will be at $135/mo – with $115/5-pass and $220/10-pass

* These new rates are still the lowest in the area, especially for month-to-month memberships that you can manage yourselves online.

Our hope is to grow the studio to 100 monthly members, which will ensure long term success for our studio, and ensure that we can be around for a long time to come. If we can reach this goal, prices will reduce to our founding prices across the board for everyone.

What about classes being too full? This would be a great problem to have, and if this happens, we would ask that students pre-register for classes to ensure that classes remain the appropriate size.

Current Performance (as of 10/5)

Monthly Members: 28

Renewing 5- and 10-pass Members: 40