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Help advance your favorite studio improvements by donating to the projects below! Updates posted to the site. Last Update: Fri, August 28, 2020

Help shape the studio! The projects below are pending our bandwidth and resources. We'll get to them eventually... eventually comes a lot faster with some help :) (thanks to Alex Pick above left and Tom Charlton above right for being "mud meisters" – filling the ceiling holes and painting in the hot July summer of 2019)

How to donate?
You can click the buttons below and purchase a "Gift Card" via your MindBody account (choose an amount, and direct gift card to "Karma Yoga", "") – or via Venmo @karmayoga – in both options, feel free to include notes, such as maybe you would like to get your hands dirty and work on the project with us? Or you have tips on how to do faster / more efficiently? Thank you!!

Stay informed? We will post photos and updates of projects here. If you donate, we'll automatically send you email updates as they come out.

Project #1: Open Windows on Far End Studio Wall

We have three windows covered by dry wall. On the other side of the label marked "2" is a Karma Yoga sign, it is also off-center. We can either a) open just windows labeled 1, or b) open all three windows labeled both 1 and 2. Cost is minimal, as we just need a handheld band saw to cut the drywall out. Depending on what we find, we may need to add window sills.


Proposed, Budget: $600

Project #2: Add a Retractable Weather Shade to Deck

A retractable awning 20' long, runs up to $800 to $1,300 with a motor, plus some amount for installation. On rainy, snowy, or very hot days, we can open the awning – to protect the deck, and your skin while waiting for classes.


Proposed, Budget: $1600

Project #3: Infrared Heating in Studio

Since HVAC heating is not so great for the lungs, and we have coronavirus to contend with, we can install infrared cove heaters. Each heater runs about ~$1,200 and needs 240V – the next biggest part of the project is running a 240V line from the circuit breaker ($1,500) to the end of the studio. This way, we can have about 4 spots heated to ~94F for a hot practice, without heating the entire studio, and without using HVAC. You would be able to reserve the "hot spots".


Proposed, Budget: $6800

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