Do you have mat or block rentals?

If you forget your mat, we have some mats for student use, please clean afterwards!

How can I book recurring reservations?

You can only book recurring reservations online via the desktop schedule, link here.

When you get to this page, you're in the right place!

When do I get my link?

If you're taking a virtual class with "Zoom with Collective" you'll receive your link on registration, otherwise you'll receive your class link 2 hours before class from apiant.com – be sure to check your spam!

How do I sign up with the donation option?

You can book a donation class on the website: https://www.karma.yoga/community or look for the 🎁  emojis via the MindBody app.

For members or non-pass students, you will be prompted to choose a donation option. All good.

For students with credit packs:

- via the desktop website, it will automatically deduct from your pack, but you can donate an additional $25, $50 or $100 after or before class.

- via MBO mobile app, it will automatically choose your current credit pack – but, if you click the pricing option, you can select a donation option.

Will the studio cancel class?

We may cancel class due to weather or low attendance. Teachers will communicate with registered students no later than 1 hour before class, if class is cancelled. For online classes, please sign on within 10 minutes or teacher may close the class.As of 1/1 we are moving toward an emergency-only class cancel policy, which means more reliability in our offerings – any class changes except for emergencies will be listed 24 hours before class.

What is your mask policy?

Masks now optional for all. Welcome to wear a mask.We are monitoring infection rates and may change our policy.Please monitor your health and stay home if feeling unwell. Refunds offered.

A reminder of our in-studio health protocols:

  • We cycle air through HEPA quality filters
  • Our Mila air purifiers detect particulates and adjust their speed to clear the air during and between classes

What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel up to 1 hour before class. If we have no sign ups or fewer than three students, we may cancel class and notify you up to 1 hour before class.*

We understand life happens. If you have a fever or flu-like symptoms, or life just hit you really hard that day, please let us know and we are happy to return or refund your pass.

Please email help@karma.yoga and we will get you squared away!

* This policy helps teachers make decisions around managing their time, and keeps studio costs down so that we can provide high quality classes.

How to sign up a guest?

To sign up a guest, fill out this form with their information & which class you'd like to add them to. You have the option to pay for them once, share your credits with them, or add them to your account ongoing.

For outdoor classes, what happens if it rains?

How to book? As an offering to our community our outdoor classes are available by-donation the day before class. To reserve a spot ahead of time, click the sign up buttons below to purchase one of our pricing options.

What to Bring? a yoga mat, water, layers, and mosquito spray
Rain Location: If it rains or we otherwise have unsuitable weather, we will cancel or move class in-studio no later than 1 hour before class. As in-studio space is limited, we will give spots based on first to sign up, so please sign up early!
Virtual Rain Location: Our in-studio class will also be available virtually. We will automatically transfer students who are a) not comfortable being in-studio, or b) we did not have space for, to the Virtual Class.
Rain Refunds
: We will automatically apply class credits for cancelled classes, or refund to your card for a $5 fee.

Try our classes:

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Plan your schedule: to practice in-studio or book ahead, please use a pass, class credits, or our monthly membership above.

Get your apps in order:

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