Laughter Yoga

Sunday November 24 with Dr. Siddharth Shah and Greenleaf Integrative, proceeds support the Arlington Free Clinic

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Laughter Yoga Workshop 90-Mins

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About Dr. Shah

Dr. Shah is a practicing physician, public health scientist, and educator who seeks to change the way we support our society’s helpers, healers, and protectors. In 2001, as a resident in Preventive and Behavioral Medicine at New York City’s Mt. Sinai Hospital, he was called to do this work in response to the trauma of the 9/11 attacks. To complement his work on stress, trauma and human suffering, Dr. Shah is enthusiastic about teaching Laughter Yoga to people who want to explore joy, healing and creativity. Accordingly, he has combined mirth and neuroscience for audiences ranging from medical clinics, non-profits, and NASA to the World Bank Group.

About Greenleaf Integrative (website)

Greenleaf Integrative is a small and growing firm that seeks to fortify the wellbeing of our society’s helpers, healers and protectors. We do this to respond to the demanding environments in which workforces willingly give of themselves and come in contact in trauma, burnout and overwhelming stress. Our diverse team uniquely integrates neuroscience and organizational expertise to deliver practical, tailored wellbeing solutions with lasting results.