Grow your tribe.

We value the teacher-student relationship above all else. It is our mission to get out of the way and let you do your thing. Here at Karma we provide a platform and a community in which you can thrive and grow your tribe alongside other yogis who share your values.

Teach Online with Karma Yoga

What you get from us.

Connect Your Community

With Teacher Only Memberships, your students can stay engaged with you virtually for less than a studio membership.

Your Way

Choose a schedule that works for you. Teach your classes, your way. Creative Freedom. Your own character, your own space.

Guaranteed Pay per Student

It's hard to host IG Live classes for free, hoping that someone donates! We value your time, and guarantee transparent payment per student.

Connect Your Community

Sangha. Satsang. Community. We used to rely on our local studios for a sense of togetherness as we engage in our practice. The coronavirus, has changed all that. We can no longer gather indoors to share space in the powerful movement of breath and body.

With Teacher Only Memberships, your students can stay engaged with you virtually for less than a studio membership. By inviting students into our homes virtually, we get to share deeper parts of ourselves and our practice. By joining us, our students and communities can grow together and thrive.

Teach Your Way

We encourage teachers to teach to their curiosity. What excites you about your own practice? Creativity, challenge, stillness? How can you bring this to your students? How can you deepen your own practice, through teaching?

By joining us, you can choose your own schedule and teach to your own unique style that speaks to you. You can design your space, your way, and choose how to welcome students into your home virtually.

Guaranteed Pay per Student

We value your time, and your experience. We know that not all teachers, are compensated well. We want to change that. The yoga practice is so valuable, and brings so much balance and harmony to not only our own lives, but the lives of people around us, and society as a whole. We want this tremendous value, to be reflected in the compensation of the teachers who make it all possible.

By joining us, you receive guaranteed pay per student per class. We take the trouble out of payments, and pay you monthly for your classes along with detailed attendance and feedback reports for your benefit.

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