Art @ Karma Yoga

Daniel Green

Bio. I am a painter and art educator working in Northern Virginia. I received my bachelor’s degree in art education from Kutztown University in Pennsylvania. I have been drawing since I was a child, and I have used printmaking and painting in my practice.

Statement. While painting, I focus on the cumulative creation of an independent visual language. I use organic and geometric shapes as a composition tool to build my images. My paintings begin with a few simple shapes, and I build the picture up through layers. I combine spray paint, acrylic paint and collage elements to create images that waver between deep and shallow.

The pieces are on display in our studio. Come in and buy at the counter, or buy online. Question? Email

Art on Display at Karma Yoga

"Rooster and shapes" by Daniel Green"Accident Still-Life" by Daniel Green"Prominent Wall" by Daniel Green"Still life with shapes and gingko" by Daniel Green